Advertising post * due by 8am on 11/6/14

Link to a commercial or ad that you love (OR HATE) and discuss what methods it’s using to appeal to the viewers.

If you don’t watch tv, use Ad Report Card or the Clio Awards to get ideas.

Here’s one I like from last year, and I love it most of all for its absolute absurdity.

I’m not likely to buy a big Volvo truck, but that is impressive precision steering. This one is using the feature we talked about early on today; connection to celebrity.  For people who love action movies, Jean-Claude Van Damme is instantly recognizable, and that makes the ad enjoyable.

Here’s one that I hate so much!  It makes me very angry:

It’s weird and nonsensical (why is his wife a puppet?); it’s weirdly outdated (who cares about marionettes in 2014?); it’s almost unbelievably sexist and just creepy. I am not the only person who feels this way (FYI that link contains profanity).


11 Responses to “Advertising post * due by 8am on 11/6/14”

  1. I think that THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVS!!!! Snickers premiered this commercial during the superbowl a couple years ago if I’m not mistaken. This commercial featured Betty White and who doesn’t love Betty White. I love this so much because it was funny and I can’t tell you how happy this commercial made me . Snickers whole theme was “You’re not you when you’re hungry” and I think that showed with the guy being Betty White at the beginning and turning into himself at the end after he ate the Snickers. I think that this commercial was directed at few different audience. Betty White was a Golden Girl so anyone of an older generation can easily recognize her. I think that football as a whole can be directed to football fans.. I am not sure who the guy at the end is and if he is famous but if he is he would gain the audience of people that is familiar with him. I also think that Snickers is great candy and it appeals to Snickers lovers..

  2. mbugua2209 Says:

    The above link provides an advert about pepsi drink.Its appealing to the viewer as it makes the kids who are taking pepsi cheerful and with lots of energy as they dance.The use of kids in the advert makes me think that promotes the advert more interms of safety consumption.That means people of all ages can take the pepsi.when kids view the advert most likely they would ask to be bought the drink because they see other kids in the advert taking pepsi too.

  3. An ad that really appealed to me was one that was on the Super Bowl a couple years ago. It appealed to me because it was funny, and it had a catchy line, “keep your hands off my mama, and keep your hands off my Doritos”. The commercial features everyday looking people, it also looks like a low budget commercial.

  4. An add that I like is Squarspace – A Better Web Awaits. It appealed to me by using a lot of common internet themes. Such as memes that we discussed in class, and other common web things. Many of them being annoying. This add promises that you will be able to create a webpage that is not one of those annoying ones. And be able to create it easily.

  5. I think we can all agree that this commercial is very creepy and satanic looking. I am not sure why a gaming counsel would promote something like this. I chose it because I found it disturbing and I would like to know if any of you know more about gaming counsel commercials? I am not sure if this aired but I found it on youtube, the play station 3 is pretty old now so I am guessing it might have aired. If anyone has seen it, let me know, because it scared the shit out of me. I also found a Durex condom commercial that I did not put on, but I was wondering about the timing that commercials are placed. Day vs. Night type of thing, just in case anyone wants to discuss about that.

  6. Victorino Says:

    Do the jingle, Do the Jingle… I really like commercials that offer to cover the things i own and value so much. When i watch the commercial of the “magic jingle buffalo” it makes me laugh so much. I like that they are in the middle of no where and in a complicated situation. I think that when a state farm representative shows up they try to show and claim that their company has the best costumer service an insurance company can provide.

  7. An ad that caught my attention recently is the Publishers Clearing House (pch) ad.I love this ad because of only one thing MONEY!

    I think this ad used these methods to appeal to the viewers:-
    Emotions,the winners seem so happy and joyous and this makes viewers to want to be in the same state too.
    Winners,I think they put the winners there so that the viewers can see that this thing is very legit.
    Sweepstakes,this ad uses this as its chief appeal because they obviously know that there are viewers out there who desperately want these cash prizes.
    One other thing which caught my attention too is the music which plays while the ad is running. I believe it is there for a purpose especially when you listen to the lyrics.

  8. I like these commercials because I think that they are hilarious. They are suppose to appeal to males. In most case they use this male who is an alpha shirtless man, who talks about how much better he is than other men. It catches my attention because the things this man in this commercial are outrages. He is usually riding a horse into the sunset, or walking on water on something outrageous.
    I choose it because its not a realist view of males. It makes men want the product in order to be associated with this type of alpha male that is viewed with most of the old spice commercials.

  9. Since it’s close to Christmas, I thought I should pick a commercial that would make everyone happy. I love everything about this commercial! I remember seeing it a couple of years ago and still think it’s cute. Who doesn’t like polar bears and penguins, especially when they’re sharing a Coke?! It makes me want to go drink a Coke!! It also brings back memories of my childhood 🙂

  10. armstrong251994 Says:

    This commercial I chose has a close place in my heart. My cousin was in the war. He was killed in a action from a bomb that was placed in a truck. So this commercial has a huge part in my heart and it is a great commercial for Budweiser.

  11. I really enjoy waiting this commercial, because when I first seen it my bf said that would be something I would do. It always makes me laugh but I also think it’s an effective commercial, it shows that something is open when ever someone needs it but seriously who wants to know about their car insurance at 3 in the morning? That’s funny. I think they made it appealing just by putting normal looking people as their actors because we can relate to them.

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