Fashion, Anti-Fashion and Halloween

Gawker rounded up this year’s most offensive Halloween costumes so that I don’t have to.

Another thing to keep in mind: we live in the 21st Century. Note that the tipsters sending in these pictures are identifying the people in the offensive costumes and, in some cases, where they work and go to school.

In past years, at least one asshole dressed as Trayvon ended up losing his job for wearing the costume – which can and should be interpreted as a racist act and would violate a lot companies’ policies regarding conduct and sensitivity. If you’re about to complain that what we do on our own time shouldn’t be grounds for getting fired, I partly agree with you, but also partly think that their organizations are now posted online as being associated with racist idiots. That’s a lot of bad press for the company or college in question.

A good rule of thumb: if you’re at all unsure about whether your costume is offensive, then it’s probably best to dress as something else.


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