Fashion Post * Due by 10/30/14 at 8am

Here are a TON of fashion sites. Pick one.
Or pick one that you read on your own.
In the comments, tell which site you chose, and which particular post appealed to you.
Talk about a fashion trend (or fad?) – past or present – that you found interesting or participated in.
What did the trend communicate, in your opinion?
Start to take apart the SEMIOTICS of the trend in your comment.
Here we go…


8 Responses to “Fashion Post * Due by 10/30/14 at 8am”

  1. I choose Four Pins..& prior to this post I have never even looked at a fashion blog before. The post that I choose within the website was the one talking about a gay couple (two women) re-creating styles token from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I pick this post because oddly I love these two. I think that it is my secret addiction. I think that Kim and Ye are fashionable and they make it work together. The two women who re-created these looks were amazing. They were very head on about nailing the looks down… I couldn’t really spot any fads or trends… The only thing I could note is that these two are fashionable together. They both have their own separate styles that just seem to go well together. To me personally these two are one of the most fashionable couples in our culture today. I think they both do a great job at taking fashion to a new levels without any care in the world. I think this trend represents a FASHIONABLE COUPLE…. Everything about this couple and their fashion is saying “look at me”. From previous knowledge, Kim use to be a personal stylist so, I guess it’s really not a surprise why she is so fashionable. I just think that this couple wants everyone to know that they are making statements and that they love fashion. I think that has a lot to with why they dress their daughter North the way they do. First, I could tell that they love taking risk and that has a lot to with fashion. Honestly I don’t care about what I wear or fashion that much. I AM VERY UNFASHIONABLE!!!! I really don’t put that much in what I wear.. but to these two it seems like fashion has become their lifestyle and everything they do is because of fashion…

  2. mbugua2209 Says:

    Mine is trashness and just wondering what a name for a company posing to have the best men’s wear.Going by what they display does not reflect the meaning of the name. To my opinion especially the men shirts are fashionable especially the stripped ones and the box pattern ones.Their pants are also well cut and tailored and seem fitting when paired with the shirts to give a man that official look.
    I am not a fashion person, however i like the long trench coats , black being my favorite color.I especially see women with height looking good in them.
    I always prefer being me…simple.

  3. mdgutierrez Says:

    I chose Up Scale Hype and the post that interested me was Kim and Kayne. I’m beyond obsessed with their fashion sense and how their baby North also matches them, it’s basically my family goal. I believe Kim and Kayne represent edginess, they also seem to always wear black, which is all I wear. They’re so fashionable together, along with Beyoncé and Jay-z which were also on the website. No matter what these couples wear they make it work, they’re not afraid to bring back old fashion or start new trends, that’s what keeps people so drawn to them. Not only Kim, but the whole Kardashian family, it’s crazy how a little bit of money can make your whole family a fashion icon.

  4. I picked I read the blog about the Royals T-shirt. In the blog they talk about how Dicks accidentally aired a shot of the Royals shirt which said they were the 2014 WS champions. Some think that by that the royals were jinxed since they lost game 7. I chose this one because I just watched the game and because I noticed how a lot of people where wearing Royals attire. When I have never seen so many people do on a regular basis. In my opinion sports attire are always in, fashion wise. Royals shirts and jerseys where trending a lot do to the World Series. Even people that don’t follow the post season games were seen wearing Royals attire. Goes to show how trends are quickly spread

  5. Camila Alvarez Says:

    The one I choose to look at was the style rookie. I looked at a blog that she posted on May 20th “she had to get out” I found it very different because it is not a style that I can relate to or am attracted to. The girl is showing picture of her makeup that she had gotten specially done for the photoshoot but her clothes are weird. I am use to more modern jean and tshirt era rather than the long dresses with hairdress. She also has very grandma like jewelry. Her clothes are definitely more conservative and that’s new to see compared to a lot of fashion icons we see.

  6. STYLE/GIRLFRIEND is the site I chose and the post I found appealing to me is “Dress Up For Halloween (Without Looking Like a D-Bag).
    This post basically addresses the issue of Halloween costumes for various movie characters such as James Dean who is wearing a jacket,tee,jeans with boots.Captain Kirk who is wearing a sweater with a patch,pants,mock turtleneck with boots.Indiana Jones who is putting on a jacket,shirt,pants,hat with a satchel bag.

    I find the looks of James portraying the aspect of simplicity, neatness and flexibility in that his style can fit almost in any situation be it in an event,a situation whereby there is a riot and people are running etc.I see professionalism,ambition and success in Kirk’s look I say this because of the sweater patch which is associated with command personnel which on it’s on is a symbol.Indiana Jones has very old unattractive looks,to me he looks like a person who is always on some dirty mission.

  7. I chose The post that really caught my eye is the style with that girl running, because it contradicts having to “stop it right now.” It is a woman wearing stylish but yet comfortable clothes for working out and looking good on the go. It is a style of Rebellion and beauty. This style really speaks to me because it seems powerful how a woman can look beautiful and break a sweet looking beautiful. I struggle with this idea myself, because I don’t know how important it should be having to look good when working out. It can sometimes be self conscious knowing that people are looking at you every where you go, even when trying to break a sweat. This fashion has created a style that I would totally be down to rock, as a women it is hard to find clothes to workout that is sexy and yet not so revealing like short shorts. I personally love to run and seeing a women running in what looks like a dressy yoga pants with a plane white-T and a flannel shirt wrapped around her waste, is something that many woman on the go could wear, especially the ones who try to keep active. The focus on the running shoes on the shots that are taken is what speaks to me the most as a runner because it speaks of power to me as a women. It means not having to stop and to me that is total empowerment when I read it as a symbol.

  8. I am not too good with fashion and I try to wear whatever i feel comfortable with. To start, fashion is complicated because of all the clever names a piece of clothes is given and sometimes the amount of money you have to spend to buy the designers “art work”. I choose Four Pins. I feel that fashion is being mocked. I would say people have deeper thoughts when it comes to judging whoever where items that carries a fashionable look. Some people are quick to judge depending on what others wear and I think that is not fair. Why not, let them be, you know. Everyone comes across to a point where he/she realize we are doing something wrong with the items we own if there is anything wrong. I think fashion is cool but it is not for me. What do I know maybe whatever I am wearing has something to do with fashion but i just don’t know it.

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