Television Post * Due by 8am on September 11, 2014

Which television shows do you watch regularly? Do you find yourself drawn to shows about “ordinary” people, or the “extreme lifestyles” described in this week’s reading?  What kinds of signs and representations do you feel yourself drawn to on television – and why do you think you’re drawn to them?


I have several shows that I watch pretty religiously, including Game of Thrones and Mad Men (and, before it ended, Breaking Bad) – and all of these fall under the “extreme lifestyle” heading but I think it’s more interesting that they’re also all cable shows.  This means that they have a lot more freedom in terms of content (they tend to have more graphic sex and violence) and more freedom in terms of format – they can be longer than the standard 30 or 60 minute time slot; they can explore longer, more complicated story arcs and they aren’t as mass market advertisement-driven.

Probably the strangest show that I follow, though, is Adventure Time.  It’s supposedly a cartoon for children, but each ten minute episode is packed with the kinds of depth, wisdom and often very dark humor that’s typically associated with adult programming.  The show explores issues like solitude, outgrowing one’s family and gender roles in some of the most experimental ways I’ve ever seen on television.  It’s way smarter than it has any right to be.


28 Responses to “Television Post * Due by 8am on September 11, 2014”

  1. armstrong251994 Says:

    The television shows I watch regularly are on Netflix which is The X-Files. I am drawn into the show The X-Files because it is not ordinary people but people who I can relate too. They do not have extreme lifestyles but have an extreme job working for the FBI. The signs I do see is that Mulder will not believe in the work of science as Scully will not believe in the work of extraterrestrial life. They show signs that it is not the real FBI. They have cases where they are going after criminals with superpowers and special abilities. The representations make me feel like I am there because I love to hear about aliens and love to see freaky things like I see on the show. It draws me because since I love the medical field it makes me feel like I am watching myself in the show. It makes me feel happy to see a show that can relate to me as what I may want to be in the future.

  2. The shows that I watch varies depending on the mood that in, but I do tend to watch shows with “ordinary” people and they’re usually comedies. Shows like Scrubs, how I met your mother, Psych, and that 70’s how I can watch over and over and not get tired of them. I really enjoys show that have a nice conclusion to them, it frustrates me when show get cancel midway in the series and I don’t know how the story ends. So far the ending that I’ve enjoyed the most was the one from Breaking bad, the way it all came full circle and everyone paid for their sins was just perfect. The final scene was just the cherry on top of the perfect Sunday, and that song was just killer…baby blue.

    • You and I both share in common that we dislike when a show ends or gets canceled midway. It is so frustrating, but at the same time I like it because it gives my mind time to imagine an ending or sequel. Do you do that?

  3. I don’t regularly watch traditional American T.V. shows anymore. I tend to instead watch either anime or something game or educational related on YouTube. Some of the T.V. series that I have watched are Dexter, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards. I tend to lean towards the extreme lifestyles. I tend to fall into the violent representations or the “anti-hero” representations. It really is similar to life in a way. The main character believes what they are doing is justified, even when they go around killing people. It can be compared to the difficult decisions we have to face in everyday life.

  4. I don’t really have television shows that I watch regularly but after watching season one of Orange Is The New Black I was left hunger-ish ,craving for more and I can’t wait for season three.It is an original series on Netflix which spread into a cultural relevance as well as an entertainment value.

    I do find myself drawn to shows about ordinary people or the extreme life styles. The signs and representations which drew me to this series is the fact that it has fascinating women of different shapes,sizes,races,socio-economic classes and sexualities who shared one thing-they are all behind bars. I think am drawn to them because I get to learn a lot about such a society in such an environment, very interesting!.

    • I love this show! I especially love how its based on a true story. It has you thinking like ‘wow this really happened?’

      • I Love this show also. It has really harsh material to indulge by people who can’t relate to these woman, but at the same time it has funny characters that everyone can relate to. Like I can relate to Piper and I Love her and I hate her. I wonder if that speaks about the way I see myself too. I rather ignore that thought. Like the thought of scary spiders lol

  5. Currently i am fond of Icarly which is more of comedy on the American Tv show.I am drawn to it because of the humor brought out by the four main characters.Most favorite actor being Spencer who is talented with much humor and i also admire his creative art works which are well displayed in the main house.Although the characters share the same house, i just admire their simplicity and part of chaos they cause thus bring humor.Other people in the show seem to like and be associated with them because of their popularity.I think it would be a great experience for me meeting the characters

    • It makes me sad that I can’t see nick tv shows anymore. I Loved watching Spongebob, icarly, when old tv shows like Rugrats and All That were on. These types of shows, I felt, always had a deeper meaning then what most people let themselves see or let go unnoticed. Meeting the characters would be fun but at the same time scary. Like what if they were someone totally different as I imagined them due to the fact that they are actors and their life isn’t the show, but a lot of who they are may also be who they are in the show. I don’t know it is strange to think about. A little scary, really.

  6. A tv show I regular watch is Teen Wolf. I watch it because it is entertaining to me. I can’t really relate to the fact that some have super natural powers but I can relate with how the characters are always there for one another. They are willing to die for friends! (I don’t think I would die for a friend though haha). Another show I was really stuck on was Orange is the New Black. To be honest when I saw it on Netflix at first it didn’t catch my attention as much. Once a lot of people started talking about it, when season two came out, I started watching it. I like the fact that the characters are not as “good looking” as some other shows. Although the main character is white, it has different types of woman, meaning body shape, religion, culture, economic class, and so on. I enjoy the show because it’s also feels more relatable in a way.

    • Lol I think it’s funny how you admitted not to die for a friend haha. I can’t relate to that because I would die for anyone in a instant, at least I believe so because I want to be like the characters in the shows I watch, but then again some of the characters are hard to fill their shoes in since everyone comes from a different life. I love that you saw the biggests messages of Black is the New Orange, that pop up to me as well. And yes to the awesome part of this show that women aren’t wearing a lot of makeup or that they aren’t that “good looking” and how we should interpret that, but do u see how a lot of women in the show itself love finding new ways to wear make up?

  7. I was introduce to T.V. shows by my cousin and friends at Donnelly College. We watched games of thrones, castle, that 70’s show, breaking bad and others. The one I started to watch regularly is The League. The league is a sitcoms show. There are part in the show when the actor has a breaking the fourth wall moment and I remember this because of what we learned in class. anyway I can relate to the league every time the six friends get together and argue (most of the time about fantasy football league). I feel that my friends do that a lot when they are talking about sports or girls. The League contains many signs and they are similar to modern family.

    • I want to start watching this show now. Is it on Netflix? lol I liked that you learned about breaking the fourth wall. Like I know a lot of these terms because I took Lenos awesome film class, but I forget the terminology. lol The good thing is that I know everything she is referring to when she talks about the different techniques film directors use, so try to pay attention the the way they use the camera. It helps me predict, which I love to do because I don’t always predict right due to plot twist, which I actually think are even more great. haha

      • yes, it is on Netflix. you should watch it and after the first episodes you will not stop watching it. I like to learn many terminologies and I think I notice things but I don’t know what they are.

  8. I’m more of a movie watcher than tv shows. I like to have the ending of a movie in 2 hours or less, not 3 years later like tv series are. But I do like 3 tv shows in particular, Orange Is The New Black, Hemlock Grove and Sons of Anarchy (my fav). I love shows where the main characters are criminals, but are respected. Diversity is important for me. We can see this from the different motorcycle clubs in SOA, werewolves/gypsies in Hemlock Grove to the diverse backgrounds in OITNB. I have a weakness for reality tv-the ones with extreme lifestyles. One show I watch is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I’m hooked to the drama, drama, and drama! I think its dumb how these ‘celebrities’ fight, but I can’t stop watching it; it makes me laugh.

    • I think that is so cool how both you and like both prefer movies because they go straight to the point with endings. Do you also like to predict endings? (:

      • Yes! I’m always at the edge of my seat wondering whats going to happen. If its an ending I don’t like, I get mad! I guess I always want the villian to live, but that hardly happens. 🙂

  9. I Love watching so many different types of shows, movies, and even cartoons. All the things that I watch are related in the senses that they are unrealistic. I noticed I live in this huge unrealistic world in my mind of timeless thoughts that can not be answered. I feel like a lot of this is due to my favorite types of impossibilities of falling in Love that Romantic Comedies pertain and pass on to me. I am a someone who people have a hard time getting a long with due to who I am on the inside. Everyone sees someone else when they think of me, but no one sees me for the person I am, the person that, I Love and see myself as and that is due to all the made up bullshit that I Love in Romantic Comedies. This type of genre itself has just made me who I am through different types of scenarios. I have an unrealistic, and sometimes shallow view of what love is suppose to be because of movies that I have been a huge source of education throughout my life and it is in times like now that I allow myself to question why I am who I am and the things that keep constructing my thoughts as I go along in life. I have to be careful though to not fall for everything because I just want to be me, even if I do allow pop culture to raise me as it’s own daughter of innovation. The thing I find most funny but yet cute, is that No matter how hard life hits me or I hit back, I still believe in true Love because of the things I have watched, they are not only a picture I have seen on a screen, they are now also pictures in my head of what Love is suppose to be and feel like, because no one can actually explain what Love truly is because everyone has a different opinion, and I think that goes back to the different type of media they have grown up with.

  10. Shows that I watch regularly are Law &Order:SVU, Modern Family, Teen Wolf and Satisfaction. I am more drawn to shows the have “extreme lifestyles”. The Representation or sign that I look for in the things I watch for are those who have power and control over a situation, I love the adventure and twist from each show. Like in L&O, Detective Benson (female) takes control of her life and not to mention that she is just badass!!

    • I Love plot twist in shows too. I just think it is so awesome for any type of media to have me thinking one thing at one point and then out of no where he or she changes the script. I feel like the show weeds did that a lot. You should watch it. It helps if you smoke while you watch it. lol I am just kidding. I am not suppose to advocate Illegal drugs on a school blog, although we are talking about shows that already advocate things within themselves, but then again I believe that it is left to the responsibility of the viewer of what things they decide to imitate in the show. That is if they do, because somethings I feel are so easy to imitate.

  11. mdgutierrez Says:

    Television shows I watch on the regular are Breaking Bad, Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story. These shows are all different from one another. I’m drawn to these shows because they’re all suspenseful, and are trillers. When I watch these shows I’m sitting on the edage of my seat anxious for more. I’m also drawn to these shows because the situations the casts are put it wouldn’t happen to everyday people (selling meth, house being haunted, or bestfriend being murdered). Also these shows have a various amount of plot twists throughout each episode which keeps engaged with the shows.

    • Oh my, I myself also enjoy American Horror Story. I am so addicted to weird, eerie shows and movies, which in a sense makes me sad because as I kid I watched so much scary movies by myself like all the Chucky movies, IT, all the Saw movies, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Freddy Krueger movies, 13 ghost, Halloween movies with Michael Mayers etc, the point being that all these movies scared the shit out of me that as a kid I told myself to try to stop being scared and so I became in a way immune to scary films, but the American Horror story has done an amazing job to luring me back into the fear.

  12. The show that I tend to watch regularly is Criminal Minds. The show is definitely not about “regular” everyday people. It has to do with the behavioral unit of the FBI who go around solving serial killer cases. I am drawn to the “extreme lifestyle” that they live and I have gotten hooked on it. I believe that it is like an example of schadenfreude because I get pleasure watching those criminals being arrested.
    I also enjoy watching New Girl, How I Met Your Mother and Family Guy. These shows are comical and are more about dilemmas within their families. The cast in these shows are more “ordinary” people. In both How I Met Your Mother and New Girl there is one character who is more financially stable than the others and they are both about a group of friends who live together.Unlike the video about The Hills that we watched these shows focus more about the character and less about their living conditions and place. Im drawn to all these shows because I think Criminal Minds is intense and could be happening somewhere and the other shows I am drawn to them because they are comically reviling .

    • I enjoy shows with harsh comedy too, I think it is because they give me a sense of carelessness. I think I care too much about a lot of things at once, that shows like family guy make me wish I didn’t care, but then I do care when I am like Hmm maybe not everyone feels the same as I do about the things Family Guy makes fun of so I am just like ughhh “F” off thoughts I am trying to enjoy the show without having to feel a sense of guilt. lol

  13. Ever since I was young I was always drawn to crime scene shows. I really enjoy CSI and Criminal Minds is one of my favorites. I think both of the shows might show some extreme lifestyle especially with the type of work that they do. The characters are always working and rarely have time for anything other than work. I would assume that they all are making a pretty decent living and can live a upper middle class or wealthy lifestyle. One thing that I like about both of these shows is that they seem so real and it feels like I was right there solving the crime. I also like the fact that the show always seem so serious, intense and something is always going on and overall I love the suspense of both shows. You are really never really sure who killed who and what is going to happen.

  14. Jesica Bautista Says:

    To be honest I donnot watch as much tv as I used to. but when I do, I like to watch Modern Family. to me that show is hilarious and it shows us daily things that happen in real families, I guess that is why that show is really popular. it also makes fun of daily stuff but at the end it makes as think about the small stuff. that is why I like it so much.

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