Online Culture Post * Due by 8am on 9/4/14

Here’s another handy summary of the idea of viral content:

After you’ve read the assigned texts for this week, think about virality and memes… what is your favorite viral video or meme?  What is it that you like about it?  Have you shared this content with your friends? Why or why not?  Be sure to give yourself enough time to comment on your classmates’ posts. 

My favorite is still “Trololo” also known as the Russian Rickroll – I don’t like it as a bait and switch video, though. I like it on its own merits of just being completely strange and happily so. 



26 Responses to “Online Culture Post * Due by 8am on 9/4/14”

  1. I like to watch parodies because they are funny. The people who make them change the lyrics and I think that shows talent. The one i like reminds me of people who are brave to dress as a female for fun. I have shared this with friends because it reminded me of the times we weren’t afraid to express ourselves in a video.

  2. My favorite meme varies on a day to day basis. I barely have any criteria for what a good or bad meme is to me. I like witty memes, absurd memes, memes that reference other memes, etc. Bear Grylls is still a funny meme to me though. I regularly share the different memes I find with friends.

  3. I would have to say that my favorite memes are the “You know you’re Mexican…/Mexican problems.” I like them because they are true, I relate to most of them!! I can spend hours just looking through them and sending them to friends through texts. I have a board on Pinterest filled with them.

  4. ercercercz Says:

    One of my personal favorites just because it has to do with a certin gaming community that I am a part of. I think I like this one is because it has a meaning behind it to one of the gaming community meaning that you did something really dumb or something that is hard to repeat or something just plain weird and they usually just dub over (Meaning that the take the original sound and replace it) what you did with this song.

    • Hmmm gaming community?? That is new to me. Can you tell me more about your interest in this particular video because I was just focusing on the sax and on the continuous pelvis thrusting lol

  5. The truth is that I have no particular viral video in mind so I have gone to my YouTube channel and have checked the videos I have liked. Here are some of them. I hope you enjoy and see what I found in them. If not write me a comment and we can TACO about them lol Most of the videos I share have to do with humor because this is how I chill when I am bored or feeling down. It is also hard to keep up with everything so it’s more likely that neither I or anyone else exams why this is so funny, or whatever it maybe to some, but I have a feeling Dr. Lenos is going to leave me thinking about more stuff after this class, as if I didn’t think too much already lol. Anyways look at the videos, tell me if you share the same joy as I do or if they make you so bored you rather do actual homework, because tbh I rather be doing this than reading, just saying haha.

  6. Sorry you all, I am trying to figure out word press. I didn’t mean to share the link to all of that(TWICE). If you have time just watch the first 3 videos, scare cam, the heterosexuality experiment and my favorite one, Celebrities read mean tweets. They are all on the playlist bar, just in case you were lost like I was lol /.<

  7. I know this isn’t viral but just wanted you all to know me a little better hehe >:D

  8. Being a first food addict,one of my many favorite memes about food is the Wendy’s slogan “where is the beef”.

    There are three aspects i really like about this meme first of all the art of advertisement and marketing,awareness of the kind of products they sell and finally the expectations a customer (s) is supposed to expect while buying such a product.For example a customer(s) will expect to find more beef in a burger compared to other first food chains.
    I shared this with my friends because i would want to encourage to taste Wendy’s food rather than the ones they are used to.

  9. lol I like this mean because it is very funny. its almost saying every one has there racist moments they don’t consider racist. its just funny to me personally. im mixed with a lot of races so it makes me very diverse I like this one because its funny to me. you should watch video really I know yu will laugh

    • I agree that this is also funny and it takes the seriousness out of what may seem racist. I also think that it does a great job with illustrating that we all have racist moments like you said.

  10. mdgutierrez Says:

    My favorite meme of all time is the “confused black girl” because I can relate to it. I make the same facial expression when I’m confused or someone says something stupid. I often use this meme when talking to my friends.

  11. {\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252

  12. Well I couldn’t get my image to appear so here’s the URL. I find this so funny because I know I can relate, maybe some of you guys can too, plus I love cats.

  13. It won’t let me post my meme/_\

  14. Well I also couldn’t unload my picture but here’s the URL

  15. personally i don’t have a favorite meme, but I do tend to lean towards the nerdy or quirky ones the most. If the memes is making fun of a show that I enjoy, I feel a connection towards it because I know exactly what they are referring to. whether it be the walking dead, braking Bad, the big bang theory or Pokemon. I would say that i have a “weird” sense of humor.

    get it! kidnapping?!?

  16. I would have to say that my favorite viral videos are Vine Videos, my brother got me into them and I’ve liked watching them with him. I think each Vine Video has there good and bad clips. They rang from a variety of things; race, class, gender, customs, food, dancing etc. I’m not so much into all the social media like Facebook, twitter or anything really but when my brother shows me pictures or videos I’m amused by them.

  17. At first I had a hard time trying to figure out a memes that I’ve seen because I thought that I never seen them before. After talking to Dr.Lenos I can remember one that just seem to “crack” me up. It had to be the Kermit the Frog memes and they were seen all over my Instagram timeline with the caption “but that ain’t my business tho”. It’s funny because the things that Kermit is actually talking about I can relate and I know others felt the sane way.

  18. mbugua2209 Says:

    To be honest i don’t have a favorite meme though i enjoyed the pepper spray cop meme.Occasionally i have watched those viral videos on the web.I am hoping and looking forward to learn more

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