Constructing Identity

Do you agree with the textbook author that identity is “constructed,” or do you think we’re born with a particular identity in place?  Or is it some combination of the two?  Respond in the comments. 


15 Responses to “Constructing Identity”

  1. Jesica Bautista Says:

    I think that our identity is a combination of the two. To me identity is not only how one looks like or their name, but its also our character, values, customs, traditions and likes. The environment in which one lives in, does make a difference in how one builds their character as individuals. However I do believe that our DNA and our parents also build the way we behave.

  2. I think it is a combination of the two, but not an even 50/50. Our decisions to construct our identity play much more of a role than “fate” as it may be called. Also, our identity is not set in stone, it is malleable. Often our identity is defined by what our interests or hobbies are. If this is the case then our identity has changed almost entirely since we were children, thus meaning that our identity is not set in stone, rather it can be deconstructed and reconstructed by our decisions over a period of time. The real question then becomes if we control our own decisions, but that is a very long topic in itself.

  3. I also agree that our identity is a combination of both. Before, we enter the world we have some of our identity created for us. This can be based off your family history and include history with your ethic group. I guess what I’m trying to say is that these “stereotypes” or “assumptions” can construct our identity but, only for so long if you let it. As you get older and become your own person the “identity” that one might have created for you can no longer stand against the person you have worked to become.

  4. Victorino Says:

    I think that an individual’s identity is constructed by anything good or bad in this world. The character everyone have is obtained from an early age by family values and beliefs. Also there are other influences that shapes the way people are as the textbook author mentions movies, tv shows, social classes and entertainment. I believe that human beings are born with an innocent identity which is being good but by the time we grow up it is smeared by bad influence.

    • mbugua2209 Says:

      we are born with a particular and unique identity.However, with advancement in age, other factors like the family, society and education impact greatly in modifying our identity.society has a played a major role depending on what we see and experience as we grow up.we tend to be identified with what pleases us.

  5. I agree and believe that our identities are “constructed.” As stated in the book race, gender, religion and environment all play a big role in who we are, who we become and how we identify ourselves. While our DNA may play a part on who we are I don’t believe that it ultimately determines who we identify ourselves with or who we become. I think that the biggest factor that plays the greatest role in the building of our identities is what we experience. The experiences that we have build us up a certain way. No two people have had the same experiences and not everyone response to a certain situation the same way. A man and a women will not have the same experiences, same way that a privileged wealthy women will not have the same experiences as a poor man. What identifies us is how we react, or deal with the experiences that we go through. That will be what uniquely characterizes us as individuals, what identifies us.

  6. I agree that people are “constructed” to a certain extent, before they are even born but a lot of there being is made up with experience, community, and environment. I’m always joking around with my little sister about how she looks like a different race, is of a certain culture and acts like a whole different ethnicity. Yes, I do agree with what people think about, being constructed from our DNA but that only partially makes us who we are, don’t forget those who are born thinking that they weren’t suppose to come out the way they did and go through extreme things to change themselves.

  7. I think that my identity is what I chose to construct for myself but I also believe that there are things that I am that were out of my control. I did not chose to me Latina, a woman, bisexual, or to be apart of the working class. I have memories from my life that made me wish I was white, rich, straight, and a man because I could tell the difference of how they were treated to how I was treated. I became more aware of it when this one day in high school I was told that I should go to this camp that would change my life, and oh, God how it changed it. This camp talked about all the isms that are perpetuated, like the ones we are learning about through Pop Culture, and when I was able to become acknowledge what was going on was when I became present to things. I no longer had the desire to be white, I had a different desire to embrace every aspect of what people see. Ever day teaches me something new with my self. I use to have such a negative mentality about things. I would make so many negative assumptions, but now I am “constructing” my mentality. I try to relate to people more, to be more empathetic with who they are because of the color of there skin, who they identify as, orientation, their class, everything is a factor into understanding people and it pisses me off to not see the interest that I do in class. I mean AHHHH this something that everyone should be talking about. Our class is made up of so many minorities and yet most people rather stay quit. Well guess what, staying quit is as bad or perhaps worse than doing nothing about it. I wish more people would see this and speak up, because it does affect me and I know it affects you too, although I understand it is easier to ignore it than to do something about it for the fear that you alone can’t make a change.

  8. I agree that we are born with a certain identity from where we are born. I feel that after being born in KC it has taken I have an identity from this city. I could not see my self being adapted to another city or state after living so long in KC. I love being from KC and after seeing how it has changed me to where I’m a KC guy I love it. The one best thing about having an identity from KC is that we are seen as the heart of America.

  9. I believe its a combination of the two. Your DNA gives you a majority of your identity, but as you grow up you start to shape it more. The way you shape your identity might be, your location, how your parents raised you, or the experiences you might of had. I believe humans never stop “constructing” themselves because as society changes, so do we.

  10. I think you are born a certain way, but the environment in which you live has an impact on who you are. You start to learn who you are as you grow. There are some things you cannot change from when how you are born like race, traditions, etc. There are also things that change as you become more aware of yourself and surroundings like social class, gender, and religion.

  11. ercercercz Says:

    I believe that identity is formed (Constructed) over time, and is not something you are just born with or that just pops out of nowhere. It take a lot of time to form who you are, it is made from experiences, your friends that you meet along the way one that have stuck around or just have gone away from your life. Also your parents play a huge role in this as well what kind of rules where you raised with, your religion, you ethnicity. Loved ones, also science might say something’s about you like your DNA. Also what you’ve learned over the time at schools and just things that you have learned by yourself. In my opinion this is what it takes to equal you.

  12. I believe identity is shaped in the most part by ourselves than anything else. Sure our environment has a bit to do with our identity, but we decide how much we are willing to let it affect us. If I would have let my environment effect my identity I don’t think I would be here now. I always try to not the environment effect the way I behave. In the end though environment does effects each one of us even if we don’t notice it.

  13. Identity construction in itself means the fact of being who or what a person or thing is and what makes it so.I do believe identity is not only constructed but one is also born with a particular identity in place,for example the gender identity.
    The media,ethnicity,race,social class,religion are among other factors which contribute to a greater percentage in one’s identity construction.This implies that identities are merely anchored around a set of moral propositions that regulate values and behavior,so that identity construction necessarily involves the ideas of right and wrong,desirable and undesirable etc.

  14. I think that identity has shaped me to the person I am today in a way. I mean the way I look doesn’t say who I am or what I do. it doesn’t justify my wrong doings either. it just simply gives me the opportunity to have little to no fear. meaning im not going to be scared to show my face. or say what I feel, I just think that I have helped constructed my identity by not being so cocky with knowing my appearance is attractive.

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