Fall 2014 * List of online class readings

Although I’ll provide most of the readings to you in class (on paper), many of the readings for this class are better done online – some of them are interactive, or include videos or images.  This list is subject to change:

Week 2 “Model Minority: How Women’s Magazines Whitewash Different Ethnicities”

Week 3 “I Can Has Nyan Cat?,”
“How Depressed People Use the Internet” and “The Semiotics of Memes”

Week 4 “The Hills and The Jersey Shore”

Week 5 “Decoding the Beyonce Tumblr,” 
“I Sat Through all of the 1D Documentary and All I Got was this Lousy Blog Post” and “Sex Sells: Latin@ and Hispanic Culture in Popular Music”

Week 8 “Harry Potter and the Clash of Symbols.”

Week 9 “FIFA: Big Count” and “Bigger Than Baseball: 25 Million Watch U.S.-Portugal World Cup Match”

Week 13 “Grand Theft Auto 5’s Gender Problem” and “Video Games Promote Racist Thoughts & Behavior, Study Of White Gamers Suggests”

Week 15  “Subcultures and Countercultures,” “Pop Culture, Subculture, and Cultural Change,” and “The Counterculture Movement Through History”


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