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Constructing Identity

Posted in Question on August 26, 2014 by mlenos

Do you agree with the textbook author that identity is “constructed,” or do you think we’re born with a particular identity in place?  Or is it some combination of the two?  Respond in the comments. 


Fall 2014 * List of online class readings

Posted in Reading with tags on August 17, 2014 by mlenos

Although I’ll provide most of the readings to you in class (on paper), many of the readings for this class are better done online – some of them are interactive, or include videos or images.  This list is subject to change:

Week 2 “Model Minority: How Women’s Magazines Whitewash Different Ethnicities”

Week 3 “I Can Has Nyan Cat?,”
“How Depressed People Use the Internet” and “The Semiotics of Memes”

Week 4 “The Hills and The Jersey Shore”

Week 5 “Decoding the Beyonce Tumblr,” 
“I Sat Through all of the 1D Documentary and All I Got was this Lousy Blog Post” and “Sex Sells: Latin@ and Hispanic Culture in Popular Music”

Week 8 “Harry Potter and the Clash of Symbols.”

Week 9 “FIFA: Big Count” and “Bigger Than Baseball: 25 Million Watch U.S.-Portugal World Cup Match”

Week 13 “Grand Theft Auto 5’s Gender Problem” and “Video Games Promote Racist Thoughts & Behavior, Study Of White Gamers Suggests”

Week 15  “Subcultures and Countercultures,” “Pop Culture, Subculture, and Cultural Change,” and “The Counterculture Movement Through History”