YouTube and Convergence

Heads up – some of the videos might contain profanity, so probably best not to look at these at work, or in a school lab with the volume turned all the way up, or with your grandmother, or whatever.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about YouTube and about the different kinds of YouTube videos in existence.  What do we use YouTube for?

Watching music videos…

Making responses to those videos… or, even better, parodies of those responses…

Giving instructions on how to do something…

And again, parodying those videos:

So, here are five categories to get us started.

1. Music videos (provided by the music industry)

2. Response videos (made by fans)

3. Parodies (made by fans or haters)

4. Instructional videos (made by regular people)

5. Parody instructional videos (made by regular people, comedy writers, etc)

What other categories of YouTube videos can you think of?  And who makes them (companies? regular people? Bloggers…?)


16 Responses to “YouTube and Convergence”

  1. What about videos for pure entertainment?
    This guy Kyle is HILARIOUS! He does fake interviews at different expo’s and sporting events. It’s so funny (and pretty interesting) to see what people say and how they react when they have a camera put in front of their face. He has a couple of web episode type videos too that just kill me dead.

  2. kimbahena Says:

    There are also TV Shows that you can purchase on YouTube. For example, if you wanted to watch a Kourtney & Kim Take Miami and you didn’t have channel E, you can go on YouTube and purchase it and watch it. (I can’t attach the video because I’d have to purchase it, but here is the link so you can see what I’m talking about.)

  3. I love youtube for numerous reasons. I actually used it to change a tail light on my car on time. I watch music video all the time, but my favorite thing I like to do is watch funny clips off of tv shows or from people’s home videos. The first video is about this guy who comes in on his brother and his brothers friends and really really wants them to go to bed. It is hilarious.

    The second video is about a news story that is totally ridiculous!


  4. Ruth Aguilera Says:

    I like Youtube for the comedy, make up and fashion tutorials, as well as educational lectures. Youtube is like my new Google for instructions. Instead of reading how to do something, I can just watch it being done. I am usually on Youtube at night when I cannot sleep.

    This video is from someone Sergiorazta
    He usually makes fun of viral videos, dances, people, pretty much anything!

    He has 514,442 subscribers
    73,622,770 video views

  5. jaysal2010 Says:

    Youtube is one of my favorite websites to go to, there is always something really funny on there.I like watching the tutorials as well and I go on youtube if i dont know how to do something because it is pretty likely that somebody probably recorded their self doing it on youtube.

  6. joseluis913 Says:

    Five categories I can think of

    1. Game trailers (provided by the gaming industry)

    2. How to videos (made by people and companies)

    3. Funny compilation (made by people)

    4. Online web series (made by people and networks)

    5. Random, Weird videos (made by weird people)
    Weirdest video I came across once, no idea how.

    I usually use YouTube to watch movie trailers, game trailers, how to videos, music and funny videos.

  7. I use YouTube to watch

    Product reviews


    T.V. shows

    and much more!

  8. I don’t use youtube often but when i do its usually to convert videos to mp3 for my iphone. the only other reason i really use it is if someone mentions something idk about. like if someone said did you hear about bombing the other day and maybe i didn’t then i would look it up on youtube. But the thing i like most about youtube is if I want to look at the lyrics to a song and hear the song at the same time youtube is the best place. just look up the song you want to hear and put lyrics next to it and you can get the lyrics right with the song on the screen. now who takes the time to make these idk? crazy to me.

  9. I can image you teaching something like this over Youtube, Dr. Lenos.

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