Game Culture

Read the entire Wikipedia entry on Video Game Culture.  You can export/download the entry as a PDF if you prefer to read it on paper.

In the comments, let’s talk about games. What games do you play regularly, and on what platforms?  Do you see gaming as a social activity, something you do on your own, or a combination of the two?

On my super-ancient PS2, I like to play Medal of Honor and Katamari Damacy on my own.  When my friends come over, we usually play fighting games – either Soul Calibur II or Mortal Kombat. I also have Namco Museum, so we can play older games, too. If it’s a particularly rowdy night, we might play Karaoke Revolution.

I mostly only play at home with my friends; I see gaming on the PS2 as a social activity – something to do when friends come over, or if out-of-town guests are staying with me.  On the other hand, I might play Angry Birds on my phone when I’m waiting in line at the bank, or Muffin Knight on my iPad or Henry Hatsworth on my Nintendo DS while I’m on a plane.  Those are very non-social gaming activities to me – just things I do to waste time if I don’t feel like reading a book.


12 Responses to “Game Culture”

  1. In between school and work, I rarely have time to play anymore. Right now, I’m playing Bioshock Infinite and Far Cry 3. I regularly play RPG’s and Action Adventure games ex. Final Fantasy or Uncharted. I have a PlayStation 3, so I play my games on that. I look at gaming as both a social activity and something that I do on my own when I have allotted for it.

  2. joseluis913 Says:

    I own a Playstation 3 and the game I enjoy playing is Battlefield 3. I do see gaming as a social activity because when I have people come over we usally play Black Ops 2 and Fifa 12. When I’m alone I tend to play Battlefield 3 because it’s more competive. I see gaming a thing to do when I’m bored or have nothing else to do and not busy so during the week days when I have nothing to do half my day I spend it playing online.

  3. What games do you play regularly, and on what platforms?: I do not own any gaming console, so I play on my phone. Usually I am playing Angry Birds or Ruzzle. When I go to my younger sisters house I play on the Wii and we play the Wii fit games. If I am with some family friends we play race car games or crash on his PS2.

    Do you see gaming as a social activity, something you do on your own, or a combination of the two?

    If I am playing Angry Birds of course I am playing alone. Ruzzle is against an opponent you choose or a stranger. The Wii and PS2 are also social.

    Since I do not have a lot of free time it is on rare occasions that I play.

  4. I think the gaming community is both social and something you do on your own. I have a stupid phone (as opposed to a smart phone) so I’ve never had Aps or anything until I recently purchased my iPad. And let me tell you, I can’t get enough of the horribly addicting games they have available in the Ap Store. I play family feud with friends, I play words with friends, I play angry birds, I play Song Pop, you name it! It’s insane. But as much as I feel like I’m playing these games with my friends I am at the same time having this inner struggle to get out and do something to actually interact with people face to face. So I have been trying to keep my iPad game play to just at night as something to do before I go to bed.

    As far as gaming consoles go, I have a ps3 and it totally rules. There’s nothing like getting together with friends, havin a few beers and kickin’ ass in Mortal Kombat (Komplete Edition, booyah). I also like playing Little Big Planet because it teaches my boyfriend and I how to work together and be a better team. And occasionally we bust out the Super Nintendo for some good ol’ fashioned fun like, Super Mario World or Earthworm Jim.

  5. kimbahena Says:

    Some of the games that I usually play would be on my phone just because I do it when I get a chance and its easier to access when I’m not at home. Those games would be Candy Crush or Subway Surf. When I do get a chance I play Fifa 13 or madden 13 and its usually when our friends come over. Gaming is definitely both a social activity and something I do on my own just because you can both play by yourself or with others just to make it a bit funner.

  6. I own a ps3 and loads of game i play any sorts of games being rpg’s, shooters, or racing games. I also have a gameboy advance too play the old school games like pokemon. other than those games im currently playing a lot of dragon age 1 & 2 and COD BO2. If in not in class you can usually hear some sort of game playing in my room. I see it as a social Community because on some of these games you can play online with other people.

  7. I’m a avid gamer and started at a young age. My first games can date back to duck hunter, Mario, and the Messiah of first person shooters “Wolfenstein.” Ive played and owned a wide range of consoles- SNES, Sega, Super Nintendo, N64, Playstation, PSone(little white one), PS2, Xbox(original) and Currently owned-Xbox360,My baby (PS3!). I also play portable games, Gameboy, Gameboy color, Gameboy Advance(also Dsi), Psp, Playstation Vita. That’s most of them but not all. I have a very wide range but usually am playing FPS or RPG (first person shooter and role playing games) My top 3 for each are:
    -Modern Warfare 3
    -Black ops 2
    -Battle Field 3
    -Fallout New Vegas
    -Pokémon (Gameboy advance)
    I enjoy playing war games. The most realistic game that depicts the environment is Medal of honor, combat would be the operation flashpoint games.

  8. jaysal2010 Says:

    I own a WII console, that I rarely use. I have just dance 3 and Mario kart. I play those games probably about twice a year. I personally just play on my own, I do believe it can be social but I don’t use it for those purposes. I am constantly playing subway surf and candy crush. Those are my favorite games on my phone, I was actually introduced to subway surf by my 5 year old cousin and she downloaded it on my phone now a lot of my friends play the game as well.

  9. I own a original nintendo.. I still love duck hunt, ninja turtles, and donkey kong jr. as well as mlb baseball. Now that the consoles have changed I have a nintendo 64, a ps2, and a ps3. I rarely play the ps2 or nintendo 64. Although on occasion I will break out the oringinal nintendo… but I love my ps3. I am not a huge fan of army/ war games. I LOVE sports games. Madden, The Show, NBA2k, FIFA… name a sports game and I will beat you in it. I play video games because I like sports, and if me and my friends are feeling lazy or the weather is too bad that we can’t go outside. We just play on a ps3 or xbox. All my friends play on xboxes so I can’t play online with them. I like the graphics better on the ps3 and internet play is free. But I will still beat anyone on a xbox too. I love playing Atomic Bomb on my phone when I’m bored.

  10. I dont play games when i do i play candycrush on my phone but i cant beat level 30 so im sad. When i was little i played super mario brothers all the time and still do on occasion but i was better when i was little i think it is a social thing for guys its all most of them do

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