Read the two articles provided in class.

In the comments, talk about an advertising campaign that you like – an ad that caused you to buy a product, or consider buying a product – that is brand specific. Meaning, for example, if you need to buy a new phone or computer, are you influenced by ads that you see?

So, when my last iPod broke, I knew I was going to buy another iPod because I think that Apple makes great products (and has good customer service), but I also really liked this commercial, featuring Feist (a singer I like).  So that probably influenced my decision, too.


14 Responses to “Advertising”

  1. I really liked P&G’s “Thank you Mama” campaign. The ads were launched during Mother’s Day of last year. What struck me was the ads use of “newsjacking” P&G took advantage of the rising trend of the general public’s interest in Olympian athletes and mixed it with an emotional hook. The ad showed the common struggles that are faced by Mothers rising athletes and their determination.

  2. Ruth Aguilera Says:

    So when people ask me why I am a fan of Blackberry this is what I think of. I literally said (awwww!) when I heard the txt notification sound because it brought back memories. I like it because it is also a great phone for work.

  3. These are probably my favorite ads. They are PBR ads painted all around the midtown and westport area.

  4. kimbahena Says:

    Even though I love my iPhone 5, watching this video probable made me want the Galaxy Note II even more. A lot of people make fun of how huge it is and how it looks like a brick when someone is talking on the phone but I like to look at it as if it were like having a smart phone and a tablet both at the same time. This video shows how Alexander Wang, a fashion designer, uses it and how useful it can be and some of the cool features that it has. This just might be my next choice when choosing a phone 🙂

  5. I like how they advertised this Ps3 when it first came out made me want to switch systems from the one i had at that time. I like how they advertise new games for the systems which usually make me want to buy them just because of how they show them off.

  6. My favorite ads are the sporting goods commercials. I like how they show that you aren’t just going to show up and win. You have to put in a lot of hard work to be on top. I remember this commercial from high school. It has a bunch of superstars like Brian Urlacher, Troy Polumolu, Mike Vick and LaDalien Tomlinson. Then there is a regular high school kid and the game comes down to him making the catch. It shows the similarities of how consintrated on school athlete like myself were on game day in high school. It is just the same things in the commercial that hook me too. Like in the background how they are playing Spirit in the Sky. It has that slow build up just like game day would be. It doesn’t do the best job of showing you what they are selling, but at the very end they sqeeze in the Nike swoosh. I love this commercial.

  7. This is one of my favorite ads it doesnt make me want to go get gieco but when i think of car insurance i always think of gieco or state farm because they always have the best commercials

  8. One of my favorite commercial ad’s that made me want to buy one of their products has to be the sun drop commercial, because she starts dancing and it makes me think if I get a sun drop I’m going to “drop it like its hot.” It seems like something fun that you can add to your life and who doesn’t like to dance.

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