Reading for next week: “Do Clothes Speak? What Makes them Fashion?” by Fred Davis

Also, here are a TON of fashion sites. Pick one.  Or pick one that you read on your own.  In the c0mments, tell which site you chose, and which particular post appealed to you.  Talk about a fashion trend (or fad?) – past or present – that you found interesting or participated in.  What did the trend communicate, in your opinion? Start to take apart the SEMIOTICS of the trend – go back to your notes from last week if you need to.

Here we go…


10 Responses to “Fashion!”

  1. -Tell which site you chose:

    I chose a beauty video blogger on Youtube, her channel is SMLX0

    -Which particular post appealed to you:

    I chose an OOTD (Outfit of the day) video. It appealed to me because I like getting outfit ideas, and seeing how other people pair clothing items, makeup and accessories.

    -Talk about a fashion trend (or fad?) – past or present – that you found interesting or participated in:

    There are several components of her outfit that appealed to me. One, the blazer, since I work in an office setting the blazer is very common. I like the way she wore it because it looks feminine and collected.Also I like the lace shirt worn under the blazer. I like the fact that it is in the same color scheme making the lace wearable by day. Also I love jeans, and the color nude. Which means this outfit is something I would wear and actually have the blazer.

    -What did the trend communicate, in your opinion? Start to take apart the SEMIOTICS of the trend:

    +The nude color gives the outfit versatility.
    +The lace and heels makes it feminine, and fun.
    +The jeans make it casual and laid back
    +The blazer dresses up the outfit, making it look professional.

  2. sorry it was this one

  3. kimbahena Says:

    I decided to choose a Youtube blogger and her channel is julieg713. She usually does “Fashion Fridays” and shows what to wear and how to wear it. The one that caught my eye was a video of her showing how to style the colored jeans trend that I have been seeing lately. Some of the things that she communicated was the different types of ways you could use the jeans including the monochromatic (staying within the same colors), color contrast (colors completely different), and even the types of shoes you could wear. She also talked about the accessories that went along with the jeans and I liked that she made it look both “dressy” and “laid back” at the same time.
    Here is the video:

  4. The New York Times link was my favorite post. It was normal people with unique ideas. It wasn’t models that have professional makeup or air brushed figures. I enjoy that it shows how people are creative and how it doesn’t take name brand designs and hundreds of dollars to look nice.
    Looking nice is more than impressing the people around you. It’s showing your own uniqueness. Serving 4 years in the Marines and for that time wearing the same clothes 24/7 would drive someone crazy and at times it did. Every day it was like we all rolled off the assembly line. Now that I’m out of the military, I have had an urge to stand out as much as I can and avoid blending in as much as possible.
    I would like to describe my style in the past as athletic. I liked to wear Nike and Under Armour. I never tried to look like everyone else. That is what everyone tries. When you try to look like the majority, it’s just boring.
    Now I am moving into the more mature style. Dress pants, suits and vest. I still try to mix in sports apparel. I am avoiding becoming what people call “A Suit” that dresses the same suit everyday for work. I don’t see myself running out of ideas, since I am not afraid to try new things.

  5. The page I liked most was the upscale hype. It looked at celebrities and what they were wearing. I don’t really like any of their styles. I liked some things that they were wearing but not the whole outfit. I also like to see how much they paid for all that and then looking at my most expensive pair of shoes and realizing that theirs cost 1000 bucks more than mine. I don’t mind, if I had the money I would be dressing in nice suits all the time. I don’t really like the whole fashion web site or magazines. I think they can give good ideas, but I think everyone has their own style. Not everyone is like one another. Although I do get my style insperations from other people. I see someone wearing something and think that looks good and so I wear it, sometimes I get ideas from movies. Either way I get my ideas off what I see others doing, not all of them but bits and pieces. For instance a fad that I went through was when I first saw Public Enemies, I saw Benicio Del Toro’s character rockin’ a suit and thought “that dude is a pimp”. So I went out and bought like 3 suits. I wore them for a while but now I hardly wear them. I still love wearing a suit, just I don’t think you can be stuck in one style for too long or else it like consumes you. If you get that at all. I think we need to constantly change ourselfs little by little, into things that we think are better.


    This is a super crafty diy fashion blog! It’s really interesting to me because the girl who writes the blog finds pictures of celebrity’s styles and then goes to the thrift store and finds clothes with similar patterns and sews them herself and shows you how to do it.

  7. joseluis913 Says:

    I would go with the New York Times link. It doesn’t just focus on a specific type of style, rather than having a model using the style in different ways. Bill Cunningham captures the different styles people use and put their own twist to it and some exactly look better then the other styles by “professionals”. I don’t particularly use any of the styles that you have provide I like the simple t-shirt and pants style.

  8. jaysal2010 Says:

    I choose it appealed to me the most because the outfit set up it had on it, I like how all of the clothes looked comfortable. She had legging on the site which are trending right now, and are super comfortable in my opinion. she seems to be into past fashion trends that are coming back into style. She has the high waisted pants and baggie sweaters, I love that its made more for comfort.

  9. I really liked the New York Times link and, Bill Cunninghams material. As for my style? I don’t really have much of it. My wardrobe is really limited at the moment. One trend I followed recently? Thick framed black glasses. I love the look and how bold they are. At first, I thought they were kind of individualistic and really stuck out; the trend was about going against the norm. Now, everyone wears them.

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