Magazines! * Discussion

Do you subscribe to any magazines?  Which ones?  If not, do you buy any magazines regularly?  Which ones?  Why do they appeal to you?  Who is the target audience – the demographic who is meant to buy the magazines you like?

I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly (I started subscribing when I decided to teach Popular Culture), The New Yorker and Cook’s Illustrated.  I am definitely in the demographic of the target audience for the latter: educated women.  The New Yorker contains fiction and poetry, articles about current news issues, and smart reviews of art, tv, music and film.  It’s not specifically for people who live in New York and it’s known for being smart and rather “elite.”

Cook’s Illustrated is a sort of swanky cooking magazine… they revise classic recipes, contain tips about kitchen problems and review food products and appliances. I’m not much of a cook, but I love looking at cooking magazines!


5 Responses to “Magazines! * Discussion”

  1. pablo lopez Says:

    The magazine i’ve subscribed to is Game informer its for everyone i suppose because anyone can purchase it. Game informer is obviously to inform you of the new video games that are going to come out or just reviews about it. i don’t just go the store and buy them that’s the only one i have. It only interest me because its about games.

  2. Well, whenever I was pregnant I subscribed to Parenting magazine and Baby Talk. They’re both aimed towards (you guessed it) parents. They have all kinds of tips and tricks to raising a child.
    I also subscribe to Bon Appetit and Better Homes and Gardens. So I can become a great housewife 😉

    Every now and then I will buy a Marie Claire magazine just to take a peek at the latest fashion and what not. I also got my dad subscribed to Rolling Stone, which is a music magazine that has all kinds of different music reviews and articles about artists new and old. So, I get to read one of those every once in awhile.

  3. I subscribe to Sports Illistrated. Its target audience is high school males all the way to middle aged men. Mostly it targets sports fans. I like it because it gives you a background into all sports and sports teams. I like reading about the Chiefs and the Royals through Sports Illistrated because the Royals and Chiefs may not be the best teams in the league, nor do we have the number of fans that follow the teams like New York, Florida, California, or Texas teams. They still get reviews and the same amount of space in the magazine and someone’s deeper opinion on them. Rather than watching espn for 30 minutes to hear some guy say the are horrible and need to improve, the magazine goes further into details and gives you background stories. Although, I do not like reading that much, I don’t have to wait to see what is said about my team like on t.v. I can just skip a few pages and get to my team rather than listening to stuff I don’t care about.

  4. jaysal2010 Says:

    I do not regularly subscribe to any magazines, I sometimes buy is Cosmopolitan. This one appeals to me because I like the celebrities that are usually in it. I would say the target audience would be women ranging from 15-early 30’s , because its includes popular famous people and then the stories within it are for a mature audience at times too.

  5. kimbahena Says:

    I don’t really subscribe to any magazines but the one magazine that I have bought before has been Seventeen. It made me want to buy it because it had some cool things inside of it and some nail trials that I could try on before actually buying the product. The target mainly is for the teen girls and usually it has some fashion tips on it. So I guess the demographic is for the teen girls to buy them since it’s called Seventeen.

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