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Reading for next week: “Do Clothes Speak? What Makes them Fashion?” by Fred Davis

Also, here are a TON of fashion sites. Pick one.  Or pick one that you read on your own.  In the c0mments, tell which site you chose, and which particular post appealed to you.  Talk about a fashion trend (or fad?) – past or present – that you found interesting or participated in.  What did the trend communicate, in your opinion? Start to take apart the SEMIOTICS of the trend – go back to your notes from last week if you need to.

Here we go…


Magazines! * Discussion

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Do you subscribe to any magazines?  Which ones?  If not, do you buy any magazines regularly?  Which ones?  Why do they appeal to you?  Who is the target audience – the demographic who is meant to buy the magazines you like?

I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly (I started subscribing when I decided to teach Popular Culture), The New Yorker and Cook’s Illustrated.  I am definitely in the demographic of the target audience for the latter: educated women.  The New Yorker contains fiction and poetry, articles about current news issues, and smart reviews of art, tv, music and film.  It’s not specifically for people who live in New York and it’s known for being smart and rather “elite.”

Cook’s Illustrated is a sort of swanky cooking magazine… they revise classic recipes, contain tips about kitchen problems and review food products and appliances. I’m not much of a cook, but I love looking at cooking magazines!