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Do you have a favorite movie?  If so, what is it? What do you like about it?  If you can find the trailer online, link to it so that your classmates can get a sense of your taste.

I like too many movies to have a single favorite one.  Here are two really different ones that I love, though.

Citizen Kane (1941) is often on lists of the “greatest films of all time,” and I agree with that categorization.  It’s a drama about a wealthy man … on his deathbed, he whispers the word “Rosebud” and a newspaper reporter tries to find out who – or what – Rosebud is. So it’s sort of a combined drama, history and romance.  Here’s part of one of my favorite scenes:

But I don’t just like serious, old movies.  Here’s one of my favorites from last year:

I loved Moonrise Kingdom for its use of color and music, for its combination of humor and drama and for its gorgeous mise-en-scene (costumes, lighting, sets and props).  We’ll talk more about all of these factors next week in class.

In the meantime… favorite movies!  Go!



10 Responses to “Popular Film”

  1. Well, since I can only post one of my several favorite movies I’ll share this one with ya’ll. Amelie is a beautiful french film about a girl who tries to change the world by changing the people around her. I feel like I can relate to her and I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. The cinematography in it is beautiful and the characters are very well rounded.

  2. joseluis913 Says:

    Rush hour 1-3 are on top of my favorites list. I like how they combine comedy with action and those two categories are my favorite. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are two funny guys when put together.

    Rush Hour 1

    Rush Hour 2

    Rush Hour 3

  3. Growing up, I always had a profound love for Japanese animation a.k.a. “Anime”. One film comes to mind; it’s called Spirited Away. The movie is a coming of age story about a ten year old girl named Chihiro Ogino. Chihiro and her family are in the process of moving to a new city; such a process is never easy for a young child. While en route to their new house, the family gets sidetracked in the middle of the woods and finds an abandoned theme park. Chihiro’s parents find a stall full of food, eat it, and anger gods in the process. They are turned into pigs and it is Chihiros mission to turn them back. Chihiro is spirited away (sent to the spirit world) to a resort where spirits reside and has to work for the owner in order to atone for her parent’s mistake. In the process, Chihiro makes many friends and enemies and drastically matures. Though it’s a long quest, Chihiro comes to realize what is important to her and is able to overcome her challenges. To this day, the production quality of the movie still amazes me. Everything is so well put together, the animation is smooth, the music really helps set the tone, and it is very well written.

  4. Bridesmaids is my favorite movie. What I love about it is that its not really the typical girly movie most of us would think it would be. The movie is hilarious period! The main actress from this film wasn’t really a known actress and neither were some of the other bridesmaids and it made the movie really “real/natural”. So here it is:

  5. I had two movies that came to mind. My favorite movies are war, even before I joined the military, my family is military. Battlefield LA is my favorite war movie since its also fictional, since they used Marines stationed in California in the movie and the actors stuck to usual Marine sayings and the way they tactically move together in the movie and instead of Taliban, they are fighting aliens. My favorite movie that I can keep watching without it getting old is, End of watch. this movie really showed the brotherhood that is built between the man serving in combat jobs. Jake Gyllenhaal playing a ex Marine in the movie was nice to see, since it made up for his horrible showing in Jarhead. Jarhead was a horrible movie representing the Marines.

  6. Pablo Lopez Says:

    Im more of a zombie movie fan but one of my most favorite would be dawn of the dead or 28 weeks later. The movies are pretty self explanied there about zombie outbreaks and how people try to survive as a group or just a lone person.

  7. If I were to give you my favorite movies I couldn’t tell you only one because there are so many great movies and so many different categories, but my two favorite movies has to be The Town and Heat. Both of the movies are very similar and even though Heat has Al Pacino and Robert Deniro staring in it. I have to say that The Town is my favorite out of the two. The town even has a clip from Heat in it, but the town is about a guy who has grown up in Charlestown, Massachusetts. He in a bank robber that is surrounded by all the wrong people, he used to be addicting to drugs and alcohol and still has a few times were he battles with those addictions. They final bank robbery is robbing The Boston Red Sox Stadium after they just played the New York Yankees to make the pot over a million dollars… if they get away with it. Doug, played by Ben Affleck, is trying to get away from his past while starting a new future. It is a intense, yet heartwarming movie. Probably in my top 5 of all time… I could really make a top 20 and you could switch any of the movies in any order.

    I recently stayed watching the movie Troy a lot… I loved Ben Affleck in The Town and I loved Brad Pitt in Troy. I seriously could name 20 movies that I love and I wouldn’t be close to being done.

  8. Okay so one of my favorite movies has always been the ringer

    But one of my newer favotie movies is about a women who kills her husband after he robs the local bank and she then escapes with the money I can not remember the name of this though for the life of me I searched for like hours last night but could not find it 😦

  9. Well I like car movies and I like movies with dancing and singing but I remember watching this and really liking it. Its funny it has speeding.

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