Pop Music

Let’s have it. What pop song do you like right now? We’re talking mass-market, something with a video (link to it in your comment).  What do you like about it?

You guys know I love Ke$ha, from her stupid dollar sign to her unapologetically ridiculous lyrics.  Catchy, good for dancing, silly fun:


5 Responses to “Pop Music”

  1. The song I chose is called “Gold” by Britt Nicole. In the Christian Industry, this is one of the songs that is very known and I chose this song because it is a motivating song to all of the people who have to deal with all the bullying going around in schools or people who have low self-esteem. It is a positive and encouraging message to help people move forward.

  2. Okay so I am shamelessly obsessed with Justin Bieber. His new album “Believe” is just the best thing to hit my pop loving ears. It’s grown up, it’s dancy, and as much as I can’t stand “dub step”, it actually compliments his voice really well in this song. And the music video gave me chills after seeing it for the first time. I mean, Justin gets his ass handed to him by none other than Kill Bill star, MICHAEL MADSEN (woah, talk about having a bad ass in your music video).
    SO without further a due…

  3. Just as Kimberly posted, my song is a Christian song by two guys who call themselves Capital Kings. The song is called ” You’ll never be alone.” I chose their song because it is stuck in my head and because of their way of producing their music. They don’t have a band or anything, one of them is the dj and they both sing. The song is uplifting and I just like it.

    If I were to choose a well known song I would probably agree with Molly.


  4. This doesn’t count towards our market, but, K-Pop has a very strong following internationally. If not for the decent vocal talent, I think that the cult following behind some groups in Korea and Japan is cool/creepy. Most of you don’t know about them, but have probably heard this song at some point; it was a meme for awhile. I chose Gee by Girls Generation, it’s catchy, has plenty of eye candy, a ridiculously awesome dance routine and…I can’t get it out of my head.

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